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Buildings and facilities managers looking to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy efficiency in occupied spaces use chemical-free low-maintenance UVGI systems supplied and installed by Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions.

What is ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI)?

UVGI is the application of ultraviolet-C (UVC) band light in order to disrupt the DNA of microorganisms such as mould, bacteria and viruses. This prevents cell reproduction and results in eradication of contaminants after sufficient exposure.

UVC technology was used as early as 1903 to help control the spread of tuberculosis and has since become established as one of the most powerful forms of disinfection.



CoilCare® UVGI surface-disinfection systems use high-output UVC lamps in close proximity to the cooling coil and drain pan within the AHU of an HVAC system to eradicate biofilm and prevent its regrowth. CoilCare® can be fitted to new or existing AHUs in a matter of hours and the ducting system is also cleaner as a direct result of the UVGI disinfecting the airstream. [...]


Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions proudly presents AirCare® – a state-of-the-art solution for hygiene and odour control within workplace toilet facilities. Lavatories within office buildings, factories and other occupied spaces are known for unpleasant odours, infectious microorganisms, mould and other harmful impurities as well as harsh fumes from chemical cleaners and fragrance dispensers. AirCare® is the most advanced purification system on the market, cleaning air and [...]


InDuct air treatment systems increase IAQ by removing odours, bacteria, viruses and other organic growth in the air and in AHUs and ductwork. This advanced solution is designed to fit seamlessly into new AHUs and easily retrofit into existing HVAC systems. Benefits of InDuct Eliminates odours, smoke and chemicals Reduces bacteria, viruses and mould Suitable for industrial [...]


We’re proud to offer the PR UVGI surface and air disinfection system. PR is your ultraviolet solution for flexible chemical-free odour control and containment of infectious microorganisms, mould and other harmful impurities. This innovative system is an air and surface purifier which can be wall-mounted for a permanent room installation or used as a powerful portable device when and wherever you need it. PR [...]


Gibbons UVGI installation 

The installation of a Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions system is undertaken by experienced engineers using calibrated digital equipment to measure relevant parameters where necessary.

A typical CoilCare® installation comprises: