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HVAC products
HVAC Services

Gibbons provides products and life-cycle services for heating, cooling, ventilation, air-conditioning and humidification systems and has extensive experience in the food and beverage, industrial, leisure, commercial and industrial sectors.

We have the expertise, products and services to help you maximise energy efficiency, productivity and wellness whilst boosting your company’s profile as an environmentally-conscientious business.

“Gibbons’ HVAC systems can significantly reduce the energy consumption of buildings, plant and processes and lower the effect they have on our environment.”

– Andrew Knight, Gibbons HVAC Services Manager



We have vast experience in the provision and on-site assembly of fans, air-handling units (AHUs) and large pumps, with components from kit-form thermal wheels to cooling and heating coils built, brazed and pressure tested on site.

We also supply:


Gibbons’ comprehensive life-cycle package covers every aspect of your HVAC or humidification project, from planning and design through to installation and maintenance.


  • Dilapidation reports
  • Air testing
  • Energy appraisals, monitoring and reporting
  • Specification of energy-efficient plant and products
  • Creation of action plans on how to reduce energy consumption
  • Legislation guidance including EU MEPS for electric motors
  • Selection and dimensioning
  • Humidification system design and assessment
  • Training

We hold a huge stock of HVAC products and use an international courier service to ensure your HVAC equipment is with you the next working day.

We carry out installation of fans, AHUs and pumps, along with start-up and setting to work. We then undertake condition-based monitoring and dynamic balancing to ensure optimum running conditions are achieved.

  • Preventative maintenance packages
  • Air tightness testing for AHUs and ductwork
  • Thermal imaging
  • Data logging and metering
  • Condition-based monitoring
  • Workshop support
  • Site and workshop facilities to repair most HVAC products
  • Plant restored to full working order
  • Solutions to reduce plant downtime
  • Old and obsolete parts sourced or replicated

Our experienced team complete replacement projects where access in and out of a plant room is restricted and may not allow a pre-built Air Handling Unit (AHU) or AHU sections to be installed. Gibbons can survey for the the maximum component size that can be taken into a plant room and design a complete AHU or AHU sections around this critical dimension.

Our team also carry out upgrades of specific AHU sections that have been subject to wear and corrosion over many years. This often negates the need to replace the complete AHU, where remaining sections may be in good working order.

At the time of any upgrade, our team will look to maximise possible energy savings through the use of new motor, fan, coil and control technologies.

  • Overhaul of worn fan or AHU components
  • Replacement of heating and cooling coils, heat recovery devices and filtration
  • Treatment of internal and external AHU surfaces
  • Restoration of the physical operation of the plant using validations, checks and maintenance
  • Replacement of old and worn pumps with new energy-efficient equipment

Our team provide inspection of most HVAC plant, including:

  • Air handling units (AHUs)
  • Fans
  • Smoke-venting devices
  • Stair-pressurisation equipment
  • Pumps
  • Variable-speed drives

We test most types of HVAC equipment, with services including:

  • On-site AHU leakage testing
  • Fan performance testing
  • Stair pressurisation fan testing to ensure stairwells remain clear in the event of a fire
  • Testing of AHU and fan ancillary equipment
  • Guidance and expertise on the upgrade of older smoke-venting fans
  • Detailed reports of our findings

Our vast portfolio of suppliers and industry contacts means we can source replacement HVAC components including fans, pumps and AHUs upon request while we minimise our environmental impact by recycling HVAC waste materials such as electric motors and variable-speed drives wherever possible.

Complete life-cycle support for your humidification project including:

  • FREE humidification load calculation, humidifier selection and energy appraisal
  • Full installation service and expert commissioning
  • Project management
  • Built to order
  • Express delivery
  • Planned maintenance
  • Troubleshooting support and advice
  • On-site repairs and emergency breakdown assistance
  • Extensive spares stock
  • Retrofit energy analysis and comprehensive retrofit service
  • Equipment upgrade
  • Customer training
  • Warranty support
  • Access to product designers
  • Technical documentation
  • Maintenance contracts